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Since 2000, our talented team works hard everyday to provide the best services for our clients. We customize our offerings based on specific needs, so get in touch today to receive an initial quote.




Since our inception in 2000, Bio-GT Engineering & Sanitation Services Ltd. has been on a mission to modernize and upgrade the sanitization and waste management, of water and wastewater. We have proven ourselves to be the leading suppliers of these services utilizing environmentally safe and sustainable solutions. 

Our several years of experience and modernization enables the delivery of quality services to our varied clientele.


Resorts        - Sandals, RIU, Half Moon, Holiday Inn and Excellence Oyster Bay.

Commercial- Bank of Nova Scotia, National Comercial Bank, Beckford Plaza and Fairview                                       Shopping centre.

Private         - Housing developments

Public          - Ministry of National Security, Western Regional Health Authority, Hospitals and                                 Clinics

Hospitals     - Cornwall Regional, Falmouth Hospital, Falmouth Infirmary, Edna Manley Health                               Centre and Icey Allen Care Centre 



Reed Beds

Bio-GT constructed this 4 cell reed bed for Tryall Resorts, Hanover, to supply tertiary treatments of the resort effluent in keeping with guidelines of Ministry of Health and the National Environmental Protection Agency 

Renovation of existing Waste Water Treatment plant at Wyndam Rosehall.

We renovated and extended the Wyndam/ Hilton Rosehalls sewage plant to attain the standards Ministry of Health and National Environmental Protection Agency.

Cromaflow Wastewater treatment Plant

Bio-GT is the only supplier of Cromaflow Sequential Batch Reactor Systems in Jamaica.

This system is manufactured by Cromaflow INC and are state of the art with proven technologies that meet more stringent environmental regulations. This system can handle flows from 500 gallons and 650000 gallons per day.

Liquid Waste Disposal

Vactor Truck


Grease Disposal



Bio-Gt provides vacuuming & disposal of sewage, grease trap waste and hydrojetting; to clean and clear drains and lift stations. We are the only licensed operators of a NEPA approved Grease trap waste disposal site.

Bio-GT IS the only official authorised dealer of Cromaflow Systems


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