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Manufacturer of dirty water submersible sump pumps for dewatering, wastewater and grinder applications, pump sizing software, and plastic injection moulding.


Manual Sump Pumps

With the same functionality as the automatic models without the built in water level indicators.

This is easily rectified with a float switch if so desired.


Lift Station

Pre-assembled packaged Lift Station either as a Simples or Duplex system.


Automatic Sump Pumps

Zoellers rust resistant , high reliability automated pumps switch on and off with changes in water level. This both saves the client on utilities but also allows for a more self sufficent waste water removal system.


Qwik Jon

With multiple model configurations, this system provides the flexibility to install a bathroom almost anywhere. A smart solution for sewage removal where gravity flow is a problem, this compact system is preassembled for easy installation and low cost.

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